How to Create Consistent Five Figure CASH Months in Your Business Working Only 20 Hours a Week and Without Spending Your Life Savings on Facebook Ads 
For coaches, consultants, healers, creatives, designers, copywriters and any other online service provider who wants to scale their business to multiple six figures this year… 
We'll Cover:
  •  Discover a system that allows you to STOP chasing clients and have people reaching out to YOU instead. 
  •  Learn how to use someone else’s audience to massively grow your own (for FREE) 
  •  Three types of income you must have to GUARANTEE consistent CASH every month 
  •  How to design an offer ladder that invites clients to become repeat buyers 
  •   An exact step by step $50K CASH per month profit plan, including a breakdown of the offers, pricing and payment plans to get there AND… 
  •  And I’m going to show you how to turn this into your own unique system that you can implement in your business so you can just flick the switch and watch as your business scales and you have more time for yourself. 
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