A hands-on experience that will revamp your biz to create consistent 5-figure months... doing only what lights you up

-- in just 4 hours a day.
A hands-on experience that will revamp your biz to create consistent 5-figure months... doing only what lights you up

-- in just 4 hours a day.
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Here's What You Get:
  • 10 Weekly LIVE Strategy Q&A Sessions
  • 10 Weekly LIVE Mindset Makeover Calls 
  • Active and Engaged Facebook Group
  • Personalized roadmap for the 10 weeks
  • ​Pay In Full Bonus: Voxer Access to Jenn
  Over $40K in 10 weeks! Jenn's energy and mindset work is such a boon to any entrepreneur. Throughout our work together she consistently helped me up level my mindset and my work, stepping into the entrepreneur I was meant to be. The group component was amazing as well. Nothing like a group of supportive, confident bad ass women to help you to up your game! — Lindsey Wilson
  I was able to 10x++ my investment back in the 10k Lab during the 10 weeks, much to my surprise! As a woman, I loved the focus on getting in alignment and following my intuition. This is how I like to operate in life, but it's easy to get lost when you start a business and think you just need to follow the rule-book someone else wrote. The mindset work has been huge for me. 10K Lab has also helped me overcome some of challenges and insecurities that pop up when we get more visible and put ourselves out there. It's been great! — Katie Read
  Incredible! Really Jenn I can tell you that this has been absolutely amazing. I feel like I’m a whole new person, owning up to who I was meant to be. I made it to $20k this month AND I’m pretty sure next month will be close to $30k. Yes, I put a ton of strategies in place for that to happen, but it wouldn’t have happened without your mindset strategies. But, way beyond money, I feel like a completely different person. Not because of the money I am making, but because of the person I have become and the limits I was finally able to leave behind. I feel like I blossomed into who I was always meant to be.— Fabi Paolini-Benavides
  The Lab is phenomenal. Jenn helped me to shift my thinking about money and how I operate in business. Results: Within a 10 day period of starting the program, I generated $12K in sales, and a total of $27K in the 10 weeks. I highly recommend this program if you’re looking to revive your business as well as yourself...and operate more intuitively." 
 — Quanisha M. Green

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