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Starting Monday, March 23rd, a brand new collective of The 30 Day Manifesting Experience begins. This is  where I show you exactly how to use my unique journaling and mindset practices to manifest pretty much anything and everything you want in your life. But this is so much more than your traditional manifesting program..

Mastering these processes I teach will allow you to swiftly and easily 

🔮 Release any doubt, fear, worry, frustration, guilt, shame or any other low vibrational emotions that are currently blocking your flow of money and clients. 

🔮 Shift your mindset to positivity and leadership despite what might be going on around you 

🔮 Increase your frequency so you can call in all of the things that want without changing much else about the things you are DOing in your business.

🔮 Tune in and connect with your desires so strongly that they have no other choice but to manifest 

🔮 Unlock your worthiness and finally understand why you have been pushing your blessings and your next levels away 

🔮 Ask for ((and get) everything you damn well please (enough said!) 

🔮 Stay calm in spite of chaos, maintain your mindset and sanity through anything life throws your way 

🔮 Intentional creation of the life, business and bank account you want 

It won’t just enable you to GET thing, but BE the version of you that effortless attracts it. 

You get 30 DAILY mindset and journaling prompts. You will get one action prompt every single day to flex your manifestation muscle. I will be sharing every tip and strategy I know about how to manifest, including how to overcome the doubts and fears about manifesting what you desire. 

The tips and strategies will be simple and straight forward. I designed the class in a way that will make it easy for you to actually do the activities and discover your own manifestation powers. 

This can work for anything: life, relationships, clients, money, health or business. 

As a bonus, I am running this program LIVE and including four BONUS Q&A sessions to coach you through the implementation of the trainings. 

This is a no-brainer to get your mentality in vibration with new clients and more money! 

I am excited to support you in this journey to create peace of mind and a rock solid mindset in the midst of uncertainty. 

What would it feel like if you could:

– Grow your business by 1400% in one year?

– Manifest Money out of thin air?

– Lose 20 pounds in 30 days?

– Meet the man of your dreams in one week?

– Receive multiple six figures in cash?

– Live in a million dollar home for a fraction of what it should actually cost?

– Sit at dinner and become friends with people you look up to and admire?

– Have the perfect people and circumstances show up exactly when you need them?

– Collapse time and have things things happen for you almost the instant you decide they will?

Well, I’ve discovered how to do all of these things… and the best part is, it’s not hard.

It’s more about consistency and belief than anything else really. Sure, some inspired action is involved. But can you imagine that the moment you commit fully, things literally start shifting and happening for you.

IT’S REAL. And it’s possible FOR YOU.

In the 30 Day Manifesting Experience where I will be sharing literally everything I know about how to manifest anything you want in your life- from a practical and hands on perspective.

It combines a little bit of woo, a little bit of logic, and a shit ton of perseverance, clarity and consistency

I am ready to share my gifts and lessons and show YOU how to experience magic too. If you’re ready to change your life or circumstances fast, then I invite you to join us today.

When it comes to creation, rules only imply limits. I want to show you how to throw that all your self-imposed rules and limits away to create your very best life, one where you literally have it ALL.

Every day for 30 days you will get an action prompt to exercise your manifesting muscle.

We will build on clarity, acceptance and imagination. I am giving you all the tools and techniques i know of to manifest literally anything you desire in your life: money, opportunities, relationships, weight loss, homes, clients, etc.

I’m so excited to finally be sharing what I know about how to literally have it ALL: Money, clients, relationships, physical body, and more.
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How it works: 

  • ​Each day for 30 days, you will receive a daily strategy to manifest, including how to overcome the doubts and fears about manifesting what you desire.
  • ​The tips and strategies will be simple and straight forward. I designed the class in a way that will make it easy for you to actually do the activities and discover your own manifestation powers.
  • BONUS! 4 LIVE Coaching Calls with Jenna
"Since going through your program I have gone from a fumbling entrepreneur with no direction, to successfully building up a client base doing Facebook Ads Management and bringing in 5 figures each month consistently. You helped me to cement a journaling habit and that has continued to serve me long since the program ended. "
Dorothy Spence Illson
"Thanks to your advice + your 30-day manifesting course, this year I will gross $400,000, have a fabulous boyfriend and a great family life … all things I consciously manifested. THANK YOU!!! "
Emma Johnson
"I manifested dropping 15 pounds and kept it off, $3,000+ for a cross country adventure, and a fancy new apartment with no lease, security deposit, or credit check required. The apartment was exactly what I asked for, a master bedroom with private path AND a washer/dryer IN the unit! I am super happy with the results! "
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