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Learn How to Create an Engaging AND Profitable Social Media Challenge
    Step by step process to developing your challenge Including how to create your challenge group, come up with the right hashtag, the most attractive name/title, discovering the magic length of your challenge and what medium of content you should create (live video vs written content) PLUS how much content to share so you’re not giving “too much” away and people are hungry to actually buy at the end. 
  • Week 2 – THE SET UP 
    Step by Step process for setting up your Challenge, including the 2 week challenge launch funnel + what to include in every single email, landing pages, thank you pages, and other content pages. Plus my secret indoctrination emails that get people wanting what you have before the challenge even starts. 
  • ​Week 3 – THE PROMOTION 
    I’ll show you how to promote your challegne in a non-sleazy way, how to get people excited about your free challenge, a simple but effective ad strategy that includes how to find your ad targets and how to use retargeted ads to maximize your ad spend. I also cover how ot increase engagement and my unique personal outreach methods to maximize results. 
  • ​Week 4 – THE LAUNCH
    The exact process for l aunching your product or service from a challenge, including when to introduce your offer and how to pitch yourself. We also cover how to use a wrap up implementation workshop that produces sales. 
    How to make your challenge evergreen, including the after-the-challenge nurture campaign.
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