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I am the Email Marketing Queen 👸

80% of my 2 million in cash has come from email NOT social media. 

I have a million dollar email list and I’m ready to share the magic with you.

(and no, I do NOT have a huge email list... I just have a really good relationship with my list!)

The Email Millionaire is here. 

We’re doing it all: List building, nurturing your email list, and selling and launching through email. 

Ready to up your email game and add another stream of revenue to your business OUTSIDE of social media? 

Part 1: Captivate  - How to capture the emails -- Create content and experiences that call in your ideal audience. Take your social media followers and defeat the crowded newsfeed by getting into their coveted inbox. Discover out of the box strategies to get seen by more people faster and how to leverage other people's audiences to grow your own. 

Part 2: Fascinate - What to do when you get them: Turn subscribers into ravings fans  |. Get potential clients excited, primed and ready to buy. Write the perfect nurture emails, learn how to elicit Reply Backs for better open rates.  Learn Email Etiquette, Indoctrination Funnels, Weekly Broadcasts, and Behavior and Permission Based Email Marketing 

Part 3: Activate - Selling and launching through email . Convert prospects into clients with ease - Learn how to easily get a yes and have clients excited to pay you the moment you land in their inbox. You'll get sample Launch Emails, Sales Emails, Webinar/MasterClass Emails, Follow up emails and more!


  • 21 Days LIVE Intensive Email Marketing trainings + 2 Weeks of implementation Q&A and live coaching. 
  • You get access to me in a Facebook group for additional support and accountability, AND
  • Unique-to-You Email Marketing Strategy to nurture and excite your audience so they were primed and ready to buy anything from you
  • Know exactly what to do when you get a new subscriber- how to make sure they stay on your list, engage AND look forward to your next email... whether you email daily or weekly
  • Know what to do "in-between" launches, how to sell unapologetically in every email, getting subscribers to make micro commitments, segmenting your list for better results and more!
  • How to stay continue to market to someone even IF they unsubscribe from your list 
  • Come-back email templates -- if you haven't emailed your list in a long time or EVER
  • Checklists, cheatsheets and sample templates so you can implement what you learn with success! 

The trainings will be fully recorded with lifetime access if you can’t make it live. 

Join today and get these awesome bonuses!  

- 30 Sales Mantras - Get thirty of my favorite and best sales mantras that have kept my mindset tight and helped me generate over $2.5M in sales online

- The Piggy Back Process - Building an audience can be a slow and painful (the old way), or you can grow your audience FAST and fierce by leveraging someone else’s.

- Intuitive Launch Method: Learn the strategy responsible for millions in online sales, repeat customers, sold out launches and fully aligned programs that your audience will be begging to buy!

- Sell It With Stories - Learn how to leverage your backstory to create likability, trust and relatability with your audience, so they have zero doubts about investing in your programs or services. 

- 5 Next Level Mindset Audios to Boost Your Bottom Line: The thinking that got you here won’t get you THERE. An employee mindset won’t get you to six figures… Just like six figure thinking won’t make you a millionaire. Learn how to up level your mindset and manifestation no matter where you are on your journey. 

You get all 5 bonuses F.R.E.E. when you register for The Email Millionaire today!

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