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Master Your Mindset & Nail Your Marketing to Attract All The Clients, Money and Freedom You Want.
"I can honestly hand on my heart say out of every single person I met in my travels from the online world you have by far surpassed all my expectations of what excellence means. "
Kris M Love
Soul Guidance Coach and Intuitive Business Strategist
You need the right marketing strategy to ensure you are attracting clients who are ready and willing to pay you. 
There's so much noise in the online world, it's hard to know what to do or when. 
The Ambitious Babe arms you with daily content prompts so you always know what to do, what to say and what to sell. In addition, you get monthly A-Z action plans on all things marketing and business growth. 
Now, with that being said... 
There’s no marketing strategy… no “foolproof” funnel… no tool, hack, software, or anything external that’s going to get you where you want go…

Until you unf*ck your mindset.
That's why this mentorship includes both marketing AND mindset,  to ensure that you have all pieces of the puzzle. 

Hey there rockstar! 

Let me ask you… do you constantly feel like the ONE thing you need to grow your business… is always just out of reach?

Maybe you’ve spent months churning out post after post on Facebook… hoping that somehow, the right clients will notice you and pay you heaps of money for your guidance and expertise. 

Maybe you’ve bought more courses and attended more workshops than you can count, trying to get your hands on the secret keys to success.

But so far, everything you’ve tried has produced, at best, only mediocre results. And you know you are capable of SO.MUCH.MORE.

Let me give you permission right now to stop chasing.  

I think that, deep down, you already know that.

Our experiences and influences shape our core mindset when we’re too young to choose differently.

And those same limiting beliefs are what are keeping you from truly shining in your business (and your life).

You’re not consciously aware of it, of course… but mindset blocks are quietly working in the background, separating you from lucrative opportunities and forcing you to keep living a life that’s “just good enough.”

You know in your heart that there’s something better out there for you… but you just don’t know how to get to it!
It’s time for a new, powerful mindset!
When you commit to the DEEP discovery of your current mindset, you get powerful clarity on the mindset “blocks” that are keeping you from:
  • Stepping into your authentic power and brilliance
  • Sharing your message in a way that resonates with your unique tribe
  • Attracting clients and customers who respect and value you
  • Charging the rates you’re really worth
  • Setting boundaries  and raising your standards
  • Getting clarity on your goals AND how to achieve them
  • A brand new identity that's a perfect match for the next level YOU.  
Then, it’s simply a matter of using proven, techniques to eliminate your sabotages so that you can finally start creating success at the level you desire. 

Here are just a few highlights to show you what I’ve been able to achieve with these simple, powerful mindset techniques:
  • I went from rock bottom to earning over $2 MILLION - in just 4 years! (And I did it all as a highly introverted single mom, too!)
  • I’ve shared the stage with influencers including Gary Vaynerchuck, Sean Stephenson, Caleb Maddix, Selena Soo, and Derrick Halpern!
  • I’ve been featured in countless publications including Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur!
And I’ve helped plenty of clients take their incomes to the next level, too:
  • Thanks to the mindset techniques I taught her, Lisa was finally able to break the a dry spell in  her business to being fully booked out with clients and having her first $16,000 month after working together for just 2 months!
  • Before working with me, Anne struggled to make $10K a month. Once she implemented what you’re about to discover inside Mindset Mavens, though, she was able to celebrate her  first $21,000 month!
  • Caitlin skyrocketed her income from $250K to creating a MILLION dollars in revenue in 9 months.
And that’s just the beginning! Let’s take a look at what the members have to say: 
Beverly Sartain
I have some of my best months EVER since joining! My favorite thing about this group  is being able to be in the same orbit as Jenn Scalia. There’s something magical that happens when we say ‘yes’ to an experience, show up for ourselves and that experience to our fullest capability and match the energy of our coach and group. That’s my experience of Jenn and the Ambitious Babe. Her intention, her commitment and her willingness to show up for the group is something I value beyond information. She gives of her energy. And through this group, I’ve been able to have win after win. I had my best month ever in my business while in the membership...  And beyond money goals that I have reached, I have a new sense of spaciousness, non-resistance and joy in my business which I find to be profoundly priceless.
Brona Malone
"I've have known for a long time that our minds, thoughts and beliefs shape us. It's makes total sense that adopting the right mindset is a must for creating a successful life and business.. Although I had done a lot of uprooting of old crap and gunk, it wasn't until I started working with Jenn that I saw how much I was falling short in terms of consistently upgrading my mindset to be more in alignment with what I want.

Jenn is the Queen of Mindset. She is also the Queen of time and of showing up consistently. She is constantly upping her own game. She sets the bar high but in ways that makes life and business WAY better, more prosperous and full of ease. "
Jennifer Blanchard
Mindset is EVERYTHING and that’s why I love being in this group with Jenn. It helps me stay focused and reminds me that the inner work is the only work that actually matters. Since joining I’ve leveled up in SO many areas of my life and business and I’ve also released so much that was no longer serving me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I know it will only get better from here.
Here's What You Get EVERY MONTH as a Member:
Monthly Action Plans to Grow and Scale Your Online Business 
Monthly LIVE Q&A Call To Get Support Around the Marketing and Growth of Your Online Business
Active, Engaged and Supportive Private Facebook Community
Monthly Audio Mindset Training w/ Deep Dive Journaling Prompts
Monthly Livestream Mindset Makeover Hotseat Calls To Explore Blocks, Sabotaging and Uplevel Your Money Mentality 
Daily (M-F) Content and Mindset Prompts to Spark Creativity and Get You On The Right Track
Get INSTANT ACCESS To 40+ Lessons When You Join Today, Including:
  • The Mindset of Having It All
  • How To Stay Positive About Money 
  • How to Stop Sending Mixed Signals 
  • How to Think Limitless 
  • How to Create Windalls of Cash in Your Business 
  • Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy
  • How to Reprogram Old Beliefs
  • How To Close The Gap From Here To There
  • How To Get All The Clients You Want
  • The Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  • Stepping Into the Next Level Version of Yourself
  • How to Stop Worrying About Money
  • How to Attract the RIGHT Clients
  • How to Uncover Your Hidden Money Blocks
  • Practicing Gratitude to Get What You Want
  • The Intuitive Launching Method 
Here's what you can expect when you join
The Ambitious Babe Monthly Mentorship
  • Manifesting dream clients, kick ass business opportunities and partnerships
  • Creating and acting on inspired ideas for crazy cash injections 
  • How to do less and be more and embody the spirit of a successful entrepreneur
  • Having confidence and courage as your spiritual DNA
  • Unleashing the leader within and how to become the leader of your life
  • Your success schedule and opening up for creativity flow 
  • Magnetic storytelling - using your story to leverage your success
  • Shifting your environment and energy to attract high vibe opportunities and dream clients
I’m Jenn Scalia - Mindset Maverick and Business Alchemist for entrepreneurs who want it all. I am THE go-expert for visionaries who want the world to know their name.

I’ve been using practical, proven mindset techniques for over 4 years to create success, ease, and wealth in my own business... (to the tune of $2.5M in revenue from online coaching and courses!) 

I focus on what actually works (not just what feels good) because I’m committed to real, predictable results - not only for myself, but for the clients I serve.

My clients have made their first 10K, Six Figures and even their first Million as a result of our work together! 
Get Everything You Need to Grow Your Online Business in One Kickass Program.
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