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success in entrepreneurship
starts and ends with your
starts and ends with your
Because your subconscious obeys survival patterns, you need an outside source who can help you identify your mindset blindspots, so that you can replicate the results that multi 6 and 7 figure earners achieve.

The problem isn’t you, your offers, or your ability to produce, it’s your PROGRAMMING.

I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You Layer by Layer to Annihilate the Success and Money Blocks That Have Been Keeping You From Quantum Leaps in Your Impact and Your Income. 

How It Works: 

This is a 12 week group coaching experience with weekly lessons + weekly deep dive hotseat calls with me. 

Our focus is on mindset and identity first, then we go into how to leverage this to attract clients and money. 

Then the final two weeks you will master the SHIFT method so that you can use it with your own clients to help them create better results. 

You will get activities and journaling prompts every week + an “experiment” based on each week’s lesson. 

This will help you shift your beliefs in record time. 

The program is based on the core principals of my SHIFT model. 

Here is the breakdown of the 12 weeks: 
Week 1: Set New Standards

Your SHIFT starts with setting new standards, upleveling your mentality and creating new normals for yourself. We talk about how to create what you want from where you want to be, not where you currently are. We explore being unlimited, unstoppable, raising your standards, operating from an abundance mindset and rewiring your beliefs around time and space 

Week 2: Heal Old Stories and Beliefs

Now it’s time to rewire, rewrite and ingrain a new belief system, and get rid of any old BS that’s keeping you stuck and small. You will learn how to catch yourself going back to old habits and beliefs and how to turn it around, we explore who you’re going to piss off by shifting and upleveling and how to navigate this change with ease and confidence. We understand your current mentality and how you will fuck this up (either consciously or unconsciously). We will seek to eliminate and destroy anything that does not serve your highest potential for greatness. 
Week 3: Intentional Identity 

You 2.0. New thoughts, new beliefs, new behaviors, actions, environment, friends, goals, decisions and desires. We are shifting fast into the you you most desire to be. We explore how to find evidence of your desires, visioning for success, and how to create an alter ego that allows you to step into that new you. I will also challenge you to 10X your vision, and turn it up to 11! 

Week 4: Future You

This week is all about future pacing and my secret weapon for getting pretty much everything I ever want in record time. This is about acting, doing and BEING as if. You will learn how to journal like a boss and create your own reality with a pen. We dive into how to commit and obsess to your own growth and expansion, and create daily success habits that allow you to HAVE IT ALL. In this week, I will also challenge you to explore and do something drastic to achieve fast and epic results.  
Week 5: Transcend to New Heights 

The old you. The old stories. The old beliefs… No longer exist. In this week, we consciously commit to leaving it all behind. You will learn how to delete and uncreate anything that no longer serves the new you. This lesson will show you how to finally take a stand, declutter your life and step into the new you NOW.

Week 6: Annihilate Your Money Limits  

Get confident and clear on your money goals and why you have them, uncover your set points and the personal glass ceiling you’ve created for yourself. We deep dive into your fears around money, explore what you even want the money for, and how to operate with a 10X mentality around your money and goals. 

Week 7: Energy Management and Elevation 

In this week, we explore ways to increase your energy, amp up your vibration, set and stick to your personal and business boundaries and how to turn the blinders on to anything that does not support you higher vision. You will learn how to not only raise your vibration but keep it there, how to remain even keeled, and needing nothing. You will also uncover why non-resistant energy is the key to all manifestation. 

Week 8: Downloads/Inspired Ideas + Offers 

This is the KEY to getting more clients and customers than you have ever tried to get before. People respond to your energy and your alignment and excitement about your offer. We tap into how to generate money making ideas effortlessly and how to easily monetize them. We also dive into trusting yourself, trusting your intuition and opening up to receive epic money making downloads on the regular. 

Week 9: Magnetism and Attraction 

We dive deep into positive influence, connection with your audience, creating relatability, trust and how to easily attract your ideal clients, opportunities and offers into your business. This has nothing to do with sales scripts, tactics or what you have to do. It’s all about who you have to BE to effortlessly attract everything you want with ease. 

Week 10: Get Out Of Your Own Way and Go! 

Pretty self explanatory. In this week, we review and evaluate everything that has been rewired and shifted. We purposely look for blocks or stories that are still lurking and create a plan to eliminate and destroy them. We look for all the ways in which you can sabotage and understand how to avoid it and continue with an unstoppable mindset. 

Weeks 11 and 12 - Master SHIFT and Get Certified

Spend the final two weeks deep-diving into the mechanics of the SHIFT Mindset Method and master the process, practice the process and get certified in SMM so you can use it on your own clients to expand the results they get when working with you. 

Your Investment: 

The Investment is just $4500 (with payment options available). 

The group will remain small so everyone gets the attention and accountability they desire and deserve. 
(max 10-12 students) 

This is a game changer. I guarantee results if you do the work, do the journaling and let me in. 

Also, I don’t and will never bullshit you. I will call you out where I see fit (of course in the most loving way). I will not let you stop yourself because of your own made up limitations. 

Limited spots available, so reserve your space now. 

We officially start May 4th, 2020.

This is powerful. In just making the decision to do this now, you will uplevel 
and things will start to shift in your favor. 

Important message from your coach
Dealing with the inner shit is hard…

It’s why we are always searching for an outside solution, quick fix, magic bullet.

It’s why you “try” a bunch of different things, but the needle never moves forward.

It’s why you see someone who is doing “seemingly” the same exact things you are, except they are blowing up and you’re going nowhere fast.

It’s why all the marketing and strategies and investing has not worked… yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I LOVE marketing and it is an integral piece, but only after the inner work and the mind games have been mastered.

I’m looking for people who are SERIOUS. People who are ready to invest in themselves and who are willing to go all in to reach their next income and life level.

I am super passionate about this work and creating a business from the inside out. Because I lived it and I’ve seen dozens of my clients live it.  

>>> Mindset over mechanics is what leads to real, true and lasting success. <<<

This is for the woman who is ready for transformation, knows that now is the time and is ready to take action.

will this be your defining moment?
The decision is yours.
Don't Just Take my Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Jenn always has a way of reigniting my power, and my experience in Reclamation was no different. In only 16 days, I felt like I made a total inner-transformation. I’m definitely not the person that I was when I started the program. I’m thinking differently. I’m believing differently. And, most importantly, I’m acting and BEING differently."
Jennifer Blanchard
"This program is incredible! I would describe it as a deep dive into your highest self. The amount of engagement and interaction with other participants truly made this experience one of a kind. The activities allow you to reflect both on where you are and where you want to be, and then shows you how you can create that future self NOW. Definitely a must if you’re someone who is ready to transform into the next level you."
Alejandra Mugica
""Jenn helped me so much with my money mindset. Having her in my ear each month was invaluable. It meant so much to me to tell her I wanted to make a million this year and have her say: Ok. That's easy. Nobody else thought my goals were realistic. I will be hitting a million in September. Thank you for listening and showing me what was possible. Truly grateful!!  "
Caitlin Bacher
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