Return to who you were always meant to be...

There's a shift happening in the world today. As the Earth spins on its axis, with every rotation, a new dawn is forming. 

Who will you be on the other side of this? 
Will you say you lived your life fully? 
Will you be able to say that you said what you wanted to say? 
And will you have been all who you always desired to be? 

There is a heavy cloud over the planet… you can choose to allow it to swallow you whole, or you can choose to lift the veil and break through to the next level NOW. 

All you have to do is choose to unmask the BS and you can begin to live free in every sense of the word. 

This is your reckoning. 

This is the awakening. 

And no, you don't have to BECOME anything, you have to UN-Become who you were told to be and reveal your full self. 

Peel back the layers and show up as the person you were always meant to be. 

Your reclamation is here. Your crown awaits.

Right now, the world is craving powerful and feminine women leaders to guide us through storms.

We are being called to rise up. To stake our claim. To facilitate change and to be a catalyst for a better world. 

It's time to claim your throne, as an online empress. 


16 daYS - 12 in-depth trainings
Immersive and Interactive -


What we will cover: 

- Unbecoming the filtered version of yourself
- Demolishing old stories, shedding layers
- Claiming your expertise and power
- Raising the bar, setting stricter boundaries
- Living and leaving your legacy 
- Instant Manifestation
- Demanding excellence
- Releasing the money muck so you can get unstuck
- Quantum Leaping your Income and your impact
- Reigning as the Queen
- Sovereign Communication and Honoring Your Word

and MORE!

Trainings will be delivered through a combination of in-depth audio, video and livestreams with Interactive Identity shifting assignments that will blow your mind.

 You see, in order to really change your mindset, attitude, beliefs, energy, attraction and in turn, your money and success- you must shift your identity. 

You must completely step into the person you most desire to be- through commitment, action, habits and REAL physical and mental CHANGE. Your identity is WHO you are. ALL of you. 

And the reality is that you don’t actually have to BECOME anyone new, or a better version of yourself, you just have to remember who you already ARE. 

Before life, business, responsibilities, stress, toxic relationships, bad habits and all the other BS got in the way. 

It's time to Reclaim Your Power. 

BONUS: Be one of the first 16 people to sign up and get additional coaching support through a private messenger chat with Jenn! (This is truly priceless!)
"Jenn always has a way of reigniting my power, and my experience in Reclamation was no different. In only 16 days, I felt like I made a total inner-transformation. I’m definitely not the person that I was when I started the program. I’m thinking differently. I’m believing differently. And, most importantly, I’m acting and BEING differently."
Jennifer Blanchard
"This program is incredible! I would describe it as a deep dive into your highest self. The amount of engagement and interaction with other participants truly made this experience one of a kind. The activities allow you to reflect both on where you are and where you want to be, and then shows you how you can create that future self NOW. Definitely a must if you’re someone who is ready to transform into the next level you."
Alejandra Mugica
""Jenn helped me so much with my money mindset. Having her in my ear each month was invaluable. It meant so much to me to tell her I wanted to make a million this year and have her say: Ok. That's easy. Nobody else thought my goals were realistic. I will be hitting a million in September. Thank you for listening and showing me what was possible. Truly grateful!! "
Caitlin Bacher

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